Outsourced HR 'may create employment opportunities'

Human resources professionals may well be able to find work away from traditional HR departments, it has been suggested.

According to Ochre House Network, HR departments are increasingly outsourcing their duties to external specialists as they bid to deliver "clear and demonstrable value" to their organisations.

The think tank noted that HR is no longer merely an administrative function, but one that has moved "decisively to centre stage" with the development of the business partner model.

In order to cope with this, Ochre House notes that practically all areas of its remit have been outsourced to a degree, including acquisition, engagement, development and retention.

The think tank stated: "The logic is simple. What, after all, is the point in building a world class recruitment machine if a significant proportion of hires leave before they can make a useful contribution to the business?"

Simon Rustom, managing director at change and customer management firm CCL, recently told Call Centre Helper that raising employee morale is a key role for HR professionals, especially as the recession ensues.

Source: Ashdown Group HR News

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