Corporate Social Responsibility

Ochre House understands that economic growth and environmental sustainability are closely linked.

We recognise the importance of minimising the impact our business has on the environment and we are working hard to implement policies and procedures which have both immediate and long term positive effects on our environment.

Ochre House seeks to:

  • Ensure that all employees are aware that poor practices can result in environmental and health hazards
  • Review and update this policy on a regular basis to ensure environmental issues arising from new developments are integrated into this policy
  • Communicate this policy to staff, suppliers and clients so that they are fully aware of our company’s stance on the environment

Ochre House has reduced the amount of paper waste it produces by:

  • Actively reducing the volume of paper mail-shots
  • Replacing paper mail-shots with “e-shots” - email
  • Encouraging employees to reduce their paper waste by choosing not to print unnecessarily
  • Introducing a new and effective recycling scheme

Our head office has reduced the amount of waste that goes to landfill by a staggering 75%. This has been accomplished by removing all personal rubbish bins and replacing them with recycling and general waste bins at certain points around the office. The company recycles all discarded paper, plastics, cardboard, tin and glass. We are in the process of rolling out similar recycling schemes across all our subsidiary businesses.

Energy and Resources
Ochre House encourages staff to:

  • Switch off lights in boardrooms and interview rooms when not in use
  • Switch off monitors during lunch breaks and completely shut down PC’s at the end of the day
  • Unplug unused mobile phone chargers and other such devices
  • Introducing a new and effective recycling scheme

Our head office currently sources its electricity from “Good Energy” who supply only 100% renewable energy.

We aim to change all other electricity contracts to tariffs which include a percentage of renewable energy.

Products and Procurement
Ochre House seeks to purchase its marketing materials and merchandise through suppliers who have rigorous environmental policies and who also provide eco-friendly products.

We already purchase environmentally friendly office stationery products (where through production they have not damaged the environment) and where possible, products made from recyclable goods.

Carbon Emissions
Ochre House:

  • Seeks to purchase goods from local businesses therefore reducing carbon emissions through unnecessary travel
  • Encourages its employees to use environmentally friendly modes of transport